About Me

I am a scientist who studies how neurons utilise genetic elements to regulate the strength of their connections. My goal is to use physiology and genomics together to understand how neurons have evolved their diverse and exquisitely adapted functions.

When not in the laboratory, I enjoy exploring the wilderness in all seasons, chasing birds, climbing rocks, and just about any other activity that cultivates an appreciation for nature.

Selected Research Experience

Graduate Student Researcher (Ehud Isacoff laboratory, UC Berkeley 2015-2020)

Graduate Student Researcher (Ahmet Yildiz laboratory, UC Berkeley 2013-2015)


University of California, Berkeley; 2013-2020

University of California, Berkeley; 2009-2013


  1. Cypranowska, C.A., Yildiz, A., Ishikawa, T. Dyneins. Encyclopedia of Cell Biology, 2016; 620-636.
  2. Dewitt, M.A., Cypranowska, C.A., Cleary, F.B., Belyy, V., Yildiz, A. The AAA3 domain of cytoplasmic dynein acts as a switch to facilitate microtubule release. Nat Struct Mol Biol, 2015; 22(1): 73-80.


National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship (2015-2020)

Outreach and Selected Activities

Graduate Affairs Committee Representative, Dept. of Molecular & Cell Biology (Aug 2017-May 2019)

Software Carpentries/Data Carpentries, Instructor (Summer 2018)

Prison University Project at San Quentin, Faculty (May 2014-Dec 2015)